Why us?

Building a business is hard work. And the tech backing it all just works to complicate things further. At SpicyOmelet, we strive to spruce up and streamline the programs behind everything, ensuring that your site and systems work to serve you and your customers. And with a founder who’s worked in every tech arena under the sun, you can be sure that we will understand and meet your specific needs.

No blanket band aids here. Just personalized tech solutions.

Why “SpicyOmelet”?

SpicyOmelet’s founder started playing around with Linux servers at the age of 12. From here, he cobbled together a PC from used computers donated by friends and family and built a very simple web server. In the quest to build his first website, he began searching for a fun domain name. Food was––and still very much is–– one of his primary interests, so he requested “grilledcheese.com,” but it was already taken. Searching for available domains through trial and error, he eventually landed on “spicyomelet.com”.

In using this off-the-wall name, we hope to capture that long-held enthusiasm for technology and the whimsy of early Internet culture, as our goal is to bring a delightful and tailor-made experience to clients. We know that when it comes to your ventures, the last thing you want to worry about are tech issues. You focus on your business and your brand, let us figure out the rest.